Degrees to Destiny

The Skilled Practitioner's Guide to Creating Freedom + Success


"I've been signing my own paycheck for over 10 years and so can you!"

Degrees to Destiny is a course to help you get your business launched and growing!

Our focus is on building smart and sustainable (not super expensive) foundations that you can develop in creative ways to grow organically and authentically.

This course is jam-packed with information, exercises, resources and inspiration!

Intro Videos: The Joys and Challenges of Being Your Own Boss

This Course is For You If You Are:

  • A Skilled Practitioner: Coach, Energy Healer, Yogi, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Health Care Practitioner or Creative Heart-centered Entrepreneur
  • You want to be in business for yourself
  • Are intimidated at the thought of being in business for yourself
  • Don’t know how to make money while keeping or transitioning from your full or part time job
  • Are overwhelmed by the idea of creating and doing marketing, social media, a website and more while taking care of clients, family and yourself
  • You believe in your work and want to make a positive impact in the world
  • You want more freedom and success in your life

This course is not for you if you are:

  • Are a Well Established Entrepreneur Already (this course is meant for beginners and never-quite-got-off-the-ground folks)
  • Do not want to be in business for yourself
  • You have a big list and big social media presence already
  • You are averse to learning new things and putting yourself out there

The Content That's Gonna Guide You to Success

Launch Module: This introductory series will give you a taste of the full course and how you can begin building your own business.

Welcome Module: Once you've registered for the course, you'll receive this and all of the following modules. This one sets the tone for how to be successful.

Mod 1: Why Why Why! We begin by looking at your motivation, your vision, and the simple (and yet often challenging and overlooked) structure you need to get started with one paying client. Once you get clear on these lessons, you will have a source of inspiration to come back to time and again, plus a launching point to begin making money right away.

Mod 2: Solid Foundations + Common Mistakes to Avoid In this module we emphasize the organic and completely custom process of building your own business. You will get clear on what you want to offer, how you want your business to look, and begin organizing your services and products into unique packages that will up level your image and sales. I'll also help you sidestep some rookie mistakes that can get the best of us.

Mod 3: More Common Mistakes You Are Going to Avoid Noticing a trend? Yep, there are lots of pitfalls and hazards out there in the solo entrepreneur world and you don't have to do all of them. I've already stepped in a bunch of these and have seen them happen to others, so we'll go over the problems and their solutions to save some time and money. Stuck on design? Waiting until everything is perfect? Don't know what your niche is? This one's for you.

Mod 4: Organic Marketing Now we begin getting into the juicy topic of marketing! If you don't think you're a good marketer, this module is going to turn that belief on its head. Hint: a lot of what you do so well is marketing gold, you just need to see the tangible benefits of your skills as a powerful marketing tool. We'll be looking at who and what you really need to be focusing on, gathering testimonials, and starting a referral program.

Mod 5: Organic Marketing Expanding Your Horizons Set your sights to new audiences and more clients! An introduction to email marketing, social media, blogs, websites - I'll help you decide what is right for you, what's not right for you, and how to get started on your expanded marketing plan. Baby steps baby...

Mod 6: Getting Your Message Out You'll want to start an ongoing dialog with your audience. They want what you have to offer, and yet it's so easy for us to get lost wearing so many hats - skilled practitioner, marketer, customer service, accountant, etc. In these lessons you're going to learn ways to organize, simplify, and maximize your efforts. We'll also begin creating a special offering that will highlight your talents and engage your clients and customers.

Mod 7: How Far We've Come It's time now to look at where you started, where you are, and where you are going. This module will help you reach into the future to align your current path with your dreams. You might find yourself deeply inspired by your own lovely and badass self!

Bonus Mod: ???

Now what do you think this supercharged supersecret module could be about? What other tricks does this biz-building life-changing siren have up her sleeves? Register and you'll find out. This module will help you address the highs and lows of putting yourself out there.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Clarity of what you offer, pricing and packages, and what makes you one-of-a-kind
  • Your unique business structure
  • A plan for your success
  • An offering that you can begin to sell immediately
  • A strong connection to your motivation and inspiration
  • Fear-busting techniques
  • Ownership of your success
  • Social Media content and calendar
  • A supportive community of heart-centered biz owners
  • Materials and techniques that you can come back to again and again as your biz grows

The D2D course allowed me to see the options of using other job opportunities as a stepping stone "bridge" to my own business. The course prepared me to have the confidence to take the risk to create & trust the value of my own unique skill set to succeed & build prosperity.

- Joceyln Porquez, FNP, CNS, APRN-BC

This course was a wonderful introduction to starting your own coaching practice.
The class focused on mindset right out of the gate which is probably one of the most primary aspects of becoming a coach entrepreneur. The class gives you an excellent over view and is filled with great tips and contacts. You will end the class with an action plan for your next step towards your niche.

- Fran Medina

The Degrees to Destiny class was extremely valuable to the success of my business. Although I had started working on my business prior to the class, I gained insight on how to narrow down what kind of coaching I wanted to do. With encouragement from Courtney and the group, I used an affirmation to focus my intent about what my business should look like. Now I am working in exactly the circumstance that I outlined in the affirmation! I would never have done that without their help. Lots of handouts! Lots of ideas! Lots of support!!

Courtney is an inspiring teacher and coaching model. I would recommend this class to anyone starting a new coaching business. I promise you will find it useful if you are just beginning to formulate the idea of having a business or if you have begun taking clients. New ideas abound!

- Lisa Benner, Partners 101 Coaching

I had been feeling stuck in my holistic life coaching practice, but Courtney King's Organic Practice Building course got me moving ahead with confidence. The course opened up exciting new perspectives for me. Everywhere I turned, I saw opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally.

Courtney's manner was engaging and encouraging as she asked us to consider the Big Questions relating to values, direction, mission, and goals. She was open and accepting of our responses. She guided us to develop the Big Picture, then brought us gently down to earth with discussions of the Next Step we could take toward achieving our goals. Courtney's presentations of useful, practical ideas held my attention and helped me visualize actually moving the practice to the next level.

The worksheets and resources Courtney provided were very helpful. I enjoyed the conference call sessions, working together in small groups, and sharing.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to clarify their vision for their practice, as well as to those who would choose to become comfortable with the concept and reality of growing toward success.

Thank you, Courtney King, for an eye-opening, motivating experience!

- Rita Marie Chad

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to finally get your business off the ground?

Is it time to put your degrees and talents to good use that makes you money?

Do you want to share your gifts with others in meaningful ways?

NOW is the time to be an entrepreneur! It's like they say about having babies - there is no right and perfect time. So what are you waiting for?

Registrations are now open!

Tuition: $497 for 8 Modules of ACTIONABLE Business Building Foundations.


Payment Plan

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“I have been a successful small business owner for over 10 years. I pulled these lessons from my own triumphs and disasters so you can learn what works and skip some of what does not. This course combines years of experience and knowledge from my career in music, events, marketing, coaching, holistic healing, and teaching. We are going on an organic, realistic, fun and inspirational adventure through what it takes to build a business and maintain it. You absolutely can start your own business and it will be my privilege to do this with you.”

Courtney King