Home Office or Home and Office?

Anyone else have the luxury of working from home?
I don’t know about your experience, but I’m finding it harder and harder to be productive. So many distractions and no structure.
I am quite sure that if I had a very structured work life then the idea of working from home in my PJ’s would sound like a dream. I do remember being tied to an office with crazy hours. I don’t miss that.
I do miss the camaraderie and having somewhere to go. I really enjoyed socializing with my friends at work and just generally being involved in life and the hubbub that comes with a group of people. So while I am grateful for the flexibility that work allows, I gotta find some place to get up and go!
I need to be surrounded by creative people and energy. I need some focus and structure, and I’m on the hunt for a new space. Stay tuned, hope to have some good pics to post soon…Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)


What do I want to be when I grow up?

DeathtoStock_EnergyandSerenity2An observation: so many people right now seem to be struggling with the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?”
Doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s, 30s, 60s, whatevers – this search for where we fit in and what to do for money is big fat challenging beast.
It can bring up tons of junk and is one of the hardest places to be to just ‘enjoy the journey’. Nope, we want the next job and the decent paycheck and we want it last week.
There is no magic wand for this question. I’m not even certain there are short cuts as the process of answering this question and the journey of self-awareness seems to be way more important to the Universe than any old job. That’s my experience anyway.
So here’s to the seekers. the dreamers. Those of us who are still, or once again, asking who we’re gonna be when we grow up. I may not have the answer, but I can say you’re in damn fine company. That should count for something right?
Love Always,
p.s. do you think that picture is tracks from others who’ve already gone ahead of us, or are we looking back at where we’ve been?



Beautiful and Fragile.


This picture speaks to how my heart is feeling today.

Beautiful. Fragile. A little lost in the cold. Hopeful, in moments.

Water in the body represents our emotions. That’s part of why we cry – we are moving our emotions. Also when we can’t or won’t cry, our emotions are stuck. We have frozen them and they can’t move through or out.

Grief and sadness in particular have a nasty habit of getting stuck and frozen. Sometimes that feels safer than allowing those feelings to flow. Sometimes we heap insult to injury by judging ourselves for our feelings.

Like right now, I’m just having a sad and lonely day. And that’s ok, Lord knows there are good reasons why and I’m working through that. What doesn’t help is that I’m sitting here criticizing myself for letting myself be upset. Not really helpful you know?

So what to do, what to do? Do I even dare push the publish button? I certainly don’t want pity. My southern upbringing just balks at oversharing or seeking attention. Maybe I’ll share this b/c someone else out there who’s reading this and is feeling the same way. If so, big big hugs to you and know you’re so not alone in whatever you’re going through.

This speaks to one of the beautiful aspects of winter. Winter gives us time to slow down, to rest and reflect and move at a deeper and slower pace. It also allows for freezing and thawing and dripping as the stage is set for new life. The death and rebirth of Winter and Spring. It can be a cold dance but one that is made much harder by our own resistance to feeling.

For now I choose to open myself and my heart wide open in sacred spaces. To allow for the tears to flow so that new life can come to me and my beautiful fragile heart. I hope the same for you too.

Love Always,


Standing Tall


The Great Blue Heron showed up for me again this weekend.

He was maybe 10-15 feet away from me in the woods by the creek bank as I was hiking with my dog. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and was shocked to see him so close. So big, maybe 4 feet tall? Not something I expect to see in the woods.

And yet, she is an old friend of mine and quite the guide. Heron medicine speaks to independence, standing tall, and self-reliance. Lessons that I have come to know quite well in the past 2 years. I would say “too well” during my pity parties.

So I’m writing this post in honoring of my friend showing up. Also a request that I can move through this stage of my lessons with some strength and dignity and grace, just like the heron.

I’m also writing this because I know I’m not the only one growing with and struggling with these lessons. Some days it sure does take a lot to show up for life and be open to the messages. Having good friends and guides along the way sure does help. I’m always here if you need me.

Love Always,


Goals vs. Next Steps: The way to actually reach your goals

Simple and important advice to help you actually reach your GOALS:

A lot of us are thinking right now about resolutions, goals, and changes we’d like to make for this brand spankin new year. Self improvement is a beautiful thing, but a lot of us get tripped up by one simple mistake – we confuse the goal with the next step!
What that means is that if your goal is to run a half-marathon this year, then the question I would ask you is “What is your next step?”
Maybe that next step is to buy some new running shoes. Great! Do that!
And then, what is your next step?
Now you decide the next steps is to take your shiny new kicks for a fun run at the park. Great! Now focus on making that happen.
And what’s your next step?

Keep choosing and fulfilling these next steps and over time I promise you will reach your goal!

The flip side – you focus on the half-marathon (the goal) so much that you neglect to see all of the baby steps it takes to get there. Also, until you actually run the half-marathon, everything you do up to that point goes un-celebrated. It’s all just a means to one end.

Think of the same scenario with losing weight/getting in shape. If your goal is to lose 15 pounds, how many of you have focused on the end goal so much that you beat yourself up the entire way there or you thought that the 5 pounds you have lost aren’t good enough? That is a really common example of the trap of focusing on the goal instead of next steps.

Keep it simple – 1. Set a goal. 2. Follow your next steps 3. Mission Accomplished!
This process will get you to your finish line and you will have accomplished so many victories along the way.

Happy 2015. Let it be your year of next steps.fitnessjog


The Holidays Aren’t Easy for All of Us

The holidays can be a wonderful time of celebrations, family, and traditions. It can also be a confusing and painful time for those of us who are coping with grief. Grieving has many causes and takes many forms: whether you are dealing with a death of a person, the loss of a beloved pet, a divorce or parting of ways, a change in health, or a loved one in the dying process, the cheery sparkly face of the holidays can create a stark contrast to our profound sadness. I am honored to join some of my fellow colleagues and faculty members from Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy to give back by offering some comfort, coaching, and ways of coping to help you get through this time of year.

This is a free recording filled with ways of understanding grief, tips for offering support, techniques for coping, and a guided meditation. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think could use a little virtual hug right now.

Coping with Grief During the Holidays Coaching Call


Out with the Old and In with the New!

When was the last time you saged your house? You might also call it smudging. Essentially, this is a practice of lighting a bundle of dried sage, and as it smokes and smolders, you walk around your house clearing and releasing old energy and cleaning your space. It also works well on clearing people too.

If you’ve never done it or it’s been awhile, now is a wonderful time to release any old stuff and WELCOME IN THE NEW!

I just did this at my house this morning, and already I feel more joyful and lighter. As I walked around with my sage bundle smoldering, I set my intention to release anything that needed to go, asking for protection for my house, myself and my animals, while also asking for healing, newness, bright energy and abundance to come in. I believe in living mindfully so the practice of smudging with sage allows me to give thanks, to release, and to celebrate new beginnings.



What I’m currently reading:  

e-squared by Pam Grout
I bought this book a couple of days ago for only $2.99 on my kindle and it is iso fun and inspiring! e-squared is an attempt to explain the common ground between quantum physics and spirituality, while highlighting how our world is really a playground of infinite possibilities and abundance, only we’ve been conditioned to believe otherwise. Check it out if you like to guinea pig yourself and push the limits of your thoughts and possibilities!


Cheering Section

We all need a first-class cheering section – the people we can turn to when celebrations are in order.

It’s not about ego, and they know that.

It’s not about bragging or being better than…they definitely know that.

It’s about being able to share when things go well, and there are certain people in our lives who greet our good news with open hearts and open arms.

So many of YOU are my cheering section. You have shared, liked, commented, texted, emailed, called, hugged, and cheered me on, so I want to say THANK YOU! You guys are amazing.



Looking at your Fear with LOVE.

How many times have you heard “The only way out is through?”
When it comes to Fear, how do we get out of it, or, how in the world do we get through it?
Inherent in every Fear is a kernel of truth – a Voice that must be respected and listened to. If we don’t, that Fear will not go away and can actually increase and paralyze us or cause us to act out in weird and subversive ways – sabotaging our own success because of Fear that we can’t deal with.
Example: I have a client who wants to start her own coaching practice, but she is afraid of going out on her own and has manifested all kinds of limitations and blocks to starting her own practice and getting clients. Fears of not making enough money… Fear of failure… Fear of putting herself out there…
Should I tell her to just “let go” of her Fear? Heck no! That’s totally unrealistic and thoroughly unhelpful advice. Instead, I tell her to talk to her Fear, because here’s the cool part about all of this: her Fear is trying to help her!
Underneath the self-sabotaging behavior that her Fear is throwing in her way, her Fear really has powerful messages for her. Here are the translations she was able to uncover as she talked to her Fear.
Fear of failure = Fear is really telling her she needs her to be thoughtful and allow room for growth. “Please make sure this is really what you want to do and it’s ok to grow incrementally. This doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”
Fear of not making enough money = Fear needs her to figure out a financial plan before she takes the leap. “Please don’t make us go broke.”
Fear of putting herself out there = Fear needs her to be authentic and to stay true to who she is and what she can offer her clients, “Please don’t put us in a situation that we can’t handle or offer something that we can’t deliver.”
Who is Fear? You are your Fear. She is her Fear. I am my Fear. There is no separation, so get used to the idea of looking at Fear as your friend and ally – a voice within us that has incredible lessons for us if we choose to listen.
Please try to look at your Fear, your teacher, with LOVE.