Reaching Out…

Is there somebody out there who could really benefit from your time and presence?

The busyness of our lives makes it easy to let time slip by us…always meaning to, they’re in our thoughts, but never quite getting to it…

Maybe today is a good day to reach out.

With Love,


Over Coffee



Fireworks are nice. They are big and bright and loud. But we don’t always need big fireworks to celebrate our successes and milestones in life.

Sometimes a simple thank you, a smile, or that internal contentment that comes when we’ve helped someone are all we need to keep us going.

Sometimes we’re so busy going on to the next thing that we don’t even stop to recognize that where we are now is a goal reached.

This year on the 4th of July, my hope is that we’ll honor that celebrations both big and small are important, and as we watch those fireworks we’ll know that some of them are for our country and our independence, some are for the soldiers, scholars, artists and brave souls who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms, and some of those fireworks are for us – who we are and what we have accomplished in our own lives.

We are worthy of those fireworks too.

Blurry Firworks


Organic Practice Building Class Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to announce that the class I am co-creating with Marian Long for our amazing coaching school, Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, on how to be in private practice is coming soon! This course is for coaches, energy healers, health care practitioners and creative heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to be in business for themselves and a really grounded and informative way to begin. This class will be packed with exercises, exploration, and information that students will keep coming back to as they grow and expand their businesses.
Organic Practice Building is a course to help entrepreneurs get their practices and businesses launched and growing! Our focus is on building smart and sustainable (not super expensive) foundations that you can add to in creative ways to create a practice that grows organically and authentically.

If you:

  • are intimidated at the thought of being in business for yourself
  • don’t know how to make money while keeping or transitioning from your full or part time job, or
  • are overwhelmed by the idea of creating and doing marketing, social media, a website and more while taking care of clients, family and yourself

…then we are here to support you from the ground up with knowledge, practices, tools and resources that really work. We will cover the nuts and bolts of getting started, pricing, packages, websites, social media, overcoming self-sabotage and so much more! This course was created from the life and work experiences of Courtney King and Marian Long, who have both been right where you are now.

  “I am a small business owner with a successful private practice for over 10 years. I pulled these lessons from my own triumphs and disasters so you can learn what works and skip some of what does not. Combining my years in events, marketing, coaching, and teaching, this class is a holistic, realistic and fun look at what it takes to build and maintain a client base while not throwing your money down the drain at expensive programs, websites, and outrageous get rich quick claims.” ~ Courtney King
  “I am a holistic nurse of 30+ years, creating a portable, flexible, and sustainable practice with my coaching and other skills. I found the initial shift from employee to entrepreneur to be more challenging than I expected in several ways, and this class will address many of the issues that arose in that rich and rewarding journey. There are many ways to succeed, and this class offers powerful and meaningful support to discover your authentic heart-centered path.”

~ Marian Long
You will leave this course empowered with the skills, tools, and knowledge to launch and expand your coaching career! Dates and registration info to be announced soon.


Forgive yourself, finally…

One of the biggest blocks to happiness is our inability to forgive ourselves. Self-forgivness is hard. Somehow we’ve gotten confused into thinking that we should be WAY harder on ourselves than we are on others. Why is that? Why am I not deserving of the same compassion, love, and forgiveness as everyone else? Forgiving myself certainly doesn’t mean that I’m giving myself free reign to act like a jerk, so why do I think I need to beat myself up over past mistakes?It’s a process – I make a mistake, I own up to it, make amends, I learn from my mistake, AND I forgive myself.That last step is just so sticky, but I do know a trick:
Imagine a situation that has challenged your ability to forgive yourself. Now imagine that your best friend was telling you the story as if they had done it. How do you respond? What’s your advice? How do you feel about them now? Compare what you would say to them with what you’ve been saying to yourself and ask yourself if that huge gap needs to be there. Withholding forgiveness from yourself isn’t noble. It won’t make you a better person. Learn to forgive yourself and you will be happier.


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Into The Gap

I find it remarkable that Life is change, all the time, constant, never ceasing, no pause, change. And yet, as humans it is our nature to create these safe little bubbles of sameness around us. Routines, schedules, comfort zones – all expressions of sameness that keep the revolution of the world’s turning and churning at bay. We need these bubbles because to be out in the vastness of the currents of change is scary. It can also be incredibly exhilarating if we embrace it.  There are times in life when our bubbles get popped. We move. We go off to school. We ship out. We break up. We get pregnant. We get fired. Foundations that have held our identity in place shift and we are left questioning who we are and where we fit it. Scary huh? And yet, this is the truth of Life. We are constantly evolving and our true natures are not defined by circumstances like location, job, or financial status. As a coach, human nature and the nature of change is a lot of what I study and what I help my clients with. I’m also no stranger to massive upheaval myself – I have recreated myself quite a few times in my life. I think that’s part of the fun of living. Sometimes I embrace it and do it well, surfing on the waves of change.  Other times I’ve been clinging and terrified and stuck. What helps me through these times now is an understanding of the nature of change. It’s called the Gap. That scary in between phase where the old has ended but the new has yet to arrive. It’s like leaving the safety of a known landscape, pushing ourselves (or getting pushed) into the current and maybe the next land is in site, or maybe there’s nothing but an ocean as far as we can see. What’s incredible is that whatever our old circumstances, our old landscape, may have looked like, there is a tendency to cling to it. Even if it’s unfulfilling, unsatisfying, even dangerous, sometimes we want to cling to it because at least it is familiar. At least we know it…and often we have no idea what lies ahead. So we stand on the shore, looking to the horizon, a ball of emotions – fear, excitement, dread, hope, anxiety, exhilaration. At this point we have a choice. Do we stay? Do we put our toe into the waters of the gap? Do we swim or fly or dive in? Maybe we choose to jump over that gap entirely. Such is the case when we have a new job or new partner before the old one has truly ended. Another choice is to dive into the gap and explore the depths. There is so much richness in the gap. So much to learn if we choose to, and to do so requires confronting fears, shifting identities, surrendering. Eventually, as all things change, the new will come. The new shore will appear on the horizon. Firm land will once again be under our feet and a new identity will be forged. When you get there, how do you want to look back on your time in the gap? What would you do differently? What did you do well? As with many things in life, the gap is challenging, and it’s also a gift. What would it look like to surrender to it? What would it feel like to take it on and really push your limits of exploration? I know how scary and lonely it can be out there and the waters get dark and cold out there in the vastness of that gap. It can also be healing, freeing, transformative, and sources of both earthly and mystic support happily find us out there to guide our way or hold our hand. Take a deep breath, have faith, and dive in.

-Provehito in Altum-


Junebug 2014 – A Spotify Playlist

Here are some of the artists I’m listening to now:


Hopeful for Lighter Times Ahead

For so many of us the past few years have been hard, dark, and full of tough transitions. This has been partly fueled by and mirrored by world events (think markets crashing, large scale environmental disasters, etc.). And yet as I walk further into my own personal re-birth and recovery, I also see that mirrored in the people and the world around me. I feel a sense of lightness that has been missing for many years.

I see hope. I see joy. I see new growth.

ButterflyCxCIt is important for us to remember to pause and enjoy this part of the experience. My challenge is not to push until it’s perfect, but instead to rest and trust in the flow and pace of right timing. I can trust that the seeds that I planted in the rich soil of the darker times are going to grow and blossom. Let’s rest for a minute from our labors, and let’s celebrate how far we’ve come!


Hey peeps, I thought you guys might like to see a little bit of what’s going on around here since we’ve made national news.                                               Jan292014
Basically what happened is that a couple inches of snow and ice hit Atlanta yesterday during the day and we were already below freezing when it came. Originally the forecast said it was not going to hit in Atlanta, so businesses and schools were not closed in advance. When the forecast shifted, govt and school officials did not change tactics until roads were already icy. Public schools in the area were closed all at once and all of a sudden, and it seems as everyone hit the roads at the same time (parents trying to get home to kids, businesses closed when schools announced, etc.) . If you’ve ever been in a normal rush hour traffic here, you have a good idea of how the gridlock happened.
I have many friends that it took 3, 6, 8, 10 and even 12 hours to get home. There are people just getting home today or even still stranded. Grocery stores, Home Depots, drug stores, random restaurants opened their doors to take stranded motorists in last night. There has been an incredible outpouring of support from on an individual level. There’s a Facebook group called SnowedOutAtlanta if you want to scroll through there and see the craziness unfolding and how people mobilized to help. Late last night a State of Emergency was finally declared and the National Guard was called to help rescue all those people stranded on the interstates and streets.
This was my personal experience of all of that:
My day yesterday started off normally. I saw a client in the morning, and when she left we were surprised by a dusting of snow outside. I had2 BCI meetings in the afternoon and watched the snow steadily falling through my window. I wasn’t really concerned though, b/c my afternoon client had already cancelled, and I was in for the day/night. My Facebook kept pinging with notifications as my friends were posting updates of their hours-long commutes and gridlock conditions. When my friend Elizabeth called at 5pm yesterday, I answered by asking “do you want to come over?” assuming she was somewhere in my neighborhood. Elizabeth was on the verge of panic. She had her 1 year old daughter with her, she’d been in the car for over 3 hours and had only gone a few miles towards home. She found herself trapped by hills and wrecks – not able to make it back to her office and unable to make it home. We got her as close to my house as ice and hills and wrecks would allow, and I trekked a few miles to reach her and her baby in her car. She was in work clothes so I was really grateful to have an extra pair of boots for her. We abandoned the car along with many, many others on the side of the road, covered her baby in blankets and made the trek back home. Cars were slipping and sliding everywhere, I saw teenagers working to push cars out of the way so an ambulance could get through, emergency vehicles were working to clear 2 accidents, and I saw 2 school buses, one empty besides the driver, one with 2 lonely scared kids in the back. We tried to get a few people to come back home with us, but they all wanted to forge ahead and just get home. We made it home safe and sound a little after dark and a little shaken up. As we watched the happenings unfold last night we realized just how incredibly lucky we were. Elizabeth’s husband, a teacher at a local high school, was able to walk 3 miles home last night in the dark (lots of kids, teachers, and staff spent the night at that high school). The hiking boots and wool socks he was wearing were a great help, the khaki pants not so much in the cold wind. This morning I walked a few more miles on a diaper and pacifier run. There were parts of the walk that were a little sketchy and scary. It was also incredibly beautiful, and I saw more people out trying to help each other and clearing the roads to allow for salt trucks and emergency vehicles to make it through. The picture attached is from my walk this morning. It was 10 degrees so I only took one picture b/c that’s just too dang cold for my bare hands.
Not long after I got back from the grocery store, Elizabeth’s husband was able to drive here to my house to pick them up. He did a little slipping and sliding, but the salt, sun and 4WD made it possible.  They are now happily ensconced in their own home. They have been gushing of their praise of us, but honestly, it all happened pretty easily and I was more than happy to be able to help. She gave me a gift by allowing me to do something in all of this. She would do the same for me. You would gratefully do the same for another. That’s just life, we help each other.
Tomorrow we are supposed to get up into the forties. There will be a lot of tow trucks and people going back to get their cars. We’re being told to wait until noon to allow priority for emergency vehicles. Schools will be closed b/c we still have icy roads and only a handful of trucks, salt, equipment to handle this. This has been such a crazy experience. I’ve seen a lot of people posting about “those stupid southern drivers and 2″ of snow”.  I won’t put any energy into that except to say, this was/is a much bigger issue than some inexperienced drivers. My thankful prayers go out to the Universe for all of the wonderful support and love that happened yesterday. Sometimes the challenging times show us just how bright we can shine.
Thanks for being out there. Thanks for listening.
Love Always,


Coaching + Collaboration

I kept my business Facebook page unpublished for months. My designers had designed it. I loved it. And yet it sat, waiting and waiting for months. What was the hold up? I could give you lots of excuses, even a good reason or two, but in the end, I was overwhelmed and not ready to put myself out there in that way. All of that changed last week. I was working with a new coach and got excited again about pulling some of the remaining pieces of my business together. I realized that it was so silly to be sitting on that Facebook page. “Name one good reason for letting it sit idle?” I asked myself. I certainly had no good answer, so when Friday rolled around and it was my dedicated marketing time, I decided to fix that. I launched my business Facebook page! You can find me over there at

Now for my favorite part. I had set a goal of 100 likes in a month. I thought that was a good goal and would even a require a little effort to get there. In 4 hours I was already up to 92. In 8 hours I was up to 150! I had met my goal and blown past it in one day. In addition to the Likes, there were also so many lovely and supportive comments and congratulations. I felt so loved and supported, and I took this as a big sign from the Universe that my timing was right and great things were coming. I was so very grateful for everyone who helped me get there. It’s quite a list actually, because none of us get to where we are by ourselves.

There is always a team. There is always help. There are always people to thank.

So THANK YOU to all of my friends, family, teachers, students, coaches, clients, guides, healers, colleagues and supporters. Thank you.

What’s my takeaway from this experience? Well, for one I know it’s a new game for me, with new rules, and it is going to be A LOT of fun. I am learning that coaching and collaboration are the keys to my success and moving forward. I’m done with trying to do everything by myself – it’s too hard and no fun and I don’t get as much done. I’m going to team up, make a plan, enlist support and get busy! I can’t wait to see where we go in 2014. I know it’s going to be an incredible year.


Sittin on the Front Porch of the Universe

Welcome to The Front Porch of the Universe

I’m so very excited. Excited, humbled and giggling because this little corner of the Universe has been carved out just for us. A beautiful rocking-chair front porch where we can gather ourselves and our thoughts and watch the world happening. Nothing fancy required here. All that I ask for is your truth, honesty, bravery, and a willingness to share. Life takes heart, soul and guts, you know? So maybe let’s do this together and make the ride a little nicer, a little friendlier. I’ll come as I am, you come as you are, and we’ll have a grand time together.

Fair warning: there might be some tears, some laughs, and even some liberties taken with grammar. Hopefully heart, courage, and wisdom will visit also. I might even post a cute animal pic or two if I feel like it.

Thanks for swinging by, it’s really nice to have you here.

Love Always,