Work With Me

Are you ready to take your work to the next level?

Would you benefit from having a coach, consultant and intuitive guide?

If so, you have come to the right place because my calling is to create sparkling success strategies for innovative individuals and organizations.

My Philosophy

couchWe were not made to go through this life alone. We do not have to do everything by ourselves. Although some of us try to, we find it’s really exhausting. Now is the time to partner up and get creative! Let’s dig deep, do the work, have some fun and get busy enjoying this great and meaningful life. You can absolutely do it and it will be my honor to do this with you.

My Message

My message is simple:

You are loved. You are special. You are beautiful.
Be bold. Be you. Be REALLY REALLY you.
No apologies. No exceptions.

Figure that out and the rest will come. Maybe not easily, but it’s better than struggling against who you really are.

My job is to be a clear channel for all of the ways that message wants to come through for you.

Why Choose Me?

Truthfully, we will choose each other. I will be the best coach for you, and you will be an amazing client for me. We will click and the magic flows. I work with clients who are established in their personal growth and professional life. This is because we will move fast and strategically. You have already learned a lot of what does and doesn’t work for you. You have a successful life and career already, and yet you have this idea, this nagging feeling that won’t go away that you’re on the verge of something big. This is your next level calling you.

You probably know a whole lot about your next level already. You can describe it, you can see it, and you are so ready for it you can feel it…but…when you go to make it happen, something falls short. You’re stuck. You’ve got it but you don’t got it. That’s where I come in.

My gift is being a catalyst. I am wickedly intuitive and strategic, and when I listen to my clients I see a vision forming from your words, your energy, your ideas, your patterns, what’s holding you back, plus outside help from your guides and allies. Out of that vision comes clarity – a big picture of your dreams that will chart a course of actions to take you there. It’s magic really, and I love it.


If you feel like we might be a good fit together, call me and let’s set up an initial conversation. Let’s see if we have that spark! I want to know who you are and where you’re going. I want you to know what I’m about and how I can support you. I offer this hour and a half consultation for free. If you’re ready and committed to moving to your next level, you can reach me at (770) 695-7017 or email me at


It all begins with showing up. See you soon.

Love Always,


An Alternate Route:

If you are in the beginning stages of personal or professional development, then I’m sure you’re already aware of what a big can of worms you have opened up. There are so many things that Life teaches us in those early stages that will push us, challenge us, and ultimately, help us grow and thrive. The choice to walk the path of self-discovery and to use your enlightened heart to drive your career is an incredible undertaking. If you are in this place, I honor you and offer my most heartfelt congratulations to you!

An alternative to working with me 1-1, is my Degrees to Destiny e-course. I created this course for entrepreneurs in that beginning place. You can find it here.

              Coaching for Artists, Seekers, Healers + Dreamers